What’s in the bag: The Gadgeteer


It’s not all the time we come across a woman so well-versed in technology as Julie Strietelmeier of The Gadgeteer. With the famous technology and music festival SXSW just around the corner, we thought now would be the perfect time to talk all things tech. 

Meet a veritable tech expert and see what she recommends!

How did you get into technology?

I was born a gadget and gizmo addict. I’ve always craved devices with buttons, switches and lights. As a kid, we didn’t have money for a lot of toys, so I am making up for it now as an adult. I’m a fan of both Apple and Android devices, so I use and love both. I’m also obsessed with EDC (Everyday Carry) gear, so I’m always adding on the lookout for things to add to my gear bag. My current quest is for the ultimate flashlight.


Tell us about The Gadgeteer?

I created The Gadgeteer in the summer of 1997 and it’s been going strong every since. What started out as a one person (me) operation, has evolved to now include 18 writers from all over the world. We love reviewing the latest must-have gadgets along with quirky offbeat gizmos. We pride ourselves on thorough real world reviews minus the fluff.

That’s awesome! So what are some of your must-have tech accessories?

I always like to have a really nice stylus with me in case the urge to doodle comes over me. My favorite right now is the GoSmart Stylus. Along that same topic, but not exactly a tech accessory, a good pen is also one of my must-haves. I really like the Uniball Jetstream pens because they write very smoothly and are comfortable. Some other things I use every day or on a very regular basis are the Coalesse PowerPod. It’s a 6 outlet round power strip that you won’t want to hide under your desk. I also use the Energizer Recharge Value Battery Charger.


What gadgets do you recommend for the less tech savvy among us?

The Apple iPad mini. It’s the perfect go-anywhere small tablet. I carry mine every day. It’s just the right size that you don’t notice it. But when the opportunity arises, it’s so much nicer to play a game or read a book on the mini than on your phone. A good pair of earbuds are also a must have. My current favorites are the Bose MIE2is. They are very comfortable and have a built in microphone so you don’t have to remove them when a call comes in.


How do you describe your taste?

Eclectic. Even though I often like the must-have, latest and greatest gadgets on the market, I also like to find things that no one else has seen / used because I like to be different and unique.

Thanks, Julie! We  luv your tech recommendations and can’t wait to see all the gadgeteers recommendations on Luvocracy.

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